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It's a privilege to help notable performers simplify their dynamic financial worlds—from the complex to the everyday.


Little about their lives can be considered ordinary. However, a growing number of sports and entertainment professionals entrust us to help them make the most of their unique opportunities, special challenges, personal tastes, and exceptional earning potential.

Whether they’re household names or not, these individuals and their families find themselves navigating complicated situations, with high stakes, frequently more in the public eye than they’d like. And, while the economics skew unusually high, the time horizons tend to be more compressed than most lifetime earners, which only adds to the pressure.

Like all good financial advisors, Benchmark’s process starts with detailed planning revolving around each client’s goals, objectives, and vision for their best life.

In the sports world, we’re relied upon by pros of all kinds—major league all-stars, emerging standouts, imminent rookies and draft picks, and solid veteran role players. We work with players and coaches, both active and retired.

Beyond athletes, our relationships with high net worth celebrities extend to actors and actresses, musicians, and other notable stars of cinema and stage.

Their circumstances are all entirely their own, yet they share the need for discreet, experienced, always-on financial advocacy as a key part of their extensive support teams.

Benchmark has helped a variety of “stars”—from major leaguers to Hollywood heroes, high-flying to up-and-coming—make the most of their exciting and lucrative livelihoods.

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Just as important as the investment returns and net worth gains is the responsible, secure, comfortable way of life that savvy financial planning enables. We believe that's the true Benchmark for wealth management.

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