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We take pride in being entrusted by individuals and families who have accumulated a substantial amount of wealth—or are on that path.


Benchmark clients include entrepreneurs, founders, and owners of closely held businesses; seasoned and highly compensated corporate executives; top lawyers, doctors, and business advisors; and other high earners in the private in public sectors.

Many of these people still go to work every day—though some no longer have to. Whether they’re still motivated members of the workforce, they’ve moved into retirement, or they’re shifting gears to pursue the next chapter in their professional life, they feel ready to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

More often than not, these clients have at least one former financial advisor whom they’ve “outgrown.”

Sure, some are looking to bounce back from sour relationships with other brokers or planners, but most simply want a trustworthy—and likable—partner who can help guide their financial journey, providing smart direction with increasingly sophisticated scenarios and requirements:

  • Family matters
  • Employment agreements
  • Lump sum vs. annuity retirement plan payouts
  • Business exit strategies
  • Unconventional investment asset class appetites
  • Tax sensitivities
  • Household budgeting

Benchmark has worked with many accomplished professionals at various stages of life, optimizing their financial success for secure, dynamic, and rewarding lifestyles.

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Just as important as the investment returns and net worth gains is the responsible, secure, comfortable way of life that savvy financial planning enables. We believe that's the true Benchmark for wealth management.

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