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Affluence is complicated.

Benchmark Investment Advisors works with individuals and families who are fortunate enough to have reached that point.

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How do we help Benchmark clients worry about their money less and enjoy it more?

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Why Benchmark?

Our Approach

We’re a boutique advisory firm serving a select group of clients, typically with complex financial situations, through our commitment to careful and efficient growth while preserving principal.

Our Experience

Sure, we’ve earned designations and recognition. More importantly, we’ve devoted our professional lives to acquiring the knowledge, learning the technology, attracting the right clients, and building lasting relationships.

Our Process

Over the years, we’ve refined a clear, structured process, rooted in research, and designed to deliver appropriate risk-adjusted returns matching each client’s financial—and lifestyle—objectives.

Our Tools

Though most prefer to leave the details to us, Benchmark clients have 24/7/365 access to comprehensive account and performance data. We leverage best-in-class third-party platforms to ensure a clear, secure, and reliable experience.

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